Friday, January 14, 2011


Water Is The Driving Force Of All Nature.
by:Leonardo Da Vinci

Yesterday in the afternoon my son approached me and said "Mom do you have something for a headache?"
My first reaction was, Did you drink any water today?
Oh...common mom! Where's the Motrin!!
How many time we go along with our day without noticing that we hardly drank anything. And I'm not talking about coffee or the variety of soft drinks and juices , that will make us even more dehydrated and will add excess of sugar and chemicals into our body.
Most of us will spend many days like that keeping our body which is 75% water and our brain which is 85% water totally dehydrated. And how many time we think we are hungry when we are really thirsty for water.
We don't quite understand the impact that the water has on our body our mind and our health.
Water not only quench our thirst , it cleans our body from excess toxins. The site and the sound of water  can sooth our mind and soul, Water can actually heal us on many different levels .
Did you ever think about what kind of water you put in your body?
Or simply Tap?
Does it oxygenate or alkalize you or does it lives you acidic.

Well my friend the exciting new breakthrough
water filtration system
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You can also check the book by Dr Batmanghelidj. The Body's Many Cries For Water.

Blessings Of Health,
Bat-Sheva Green

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