Monday, April 23, 2012


Wow... it is hard to believe it has been so long since I posted my last blog. I guess I've been hibernating in this really dry  and cool winter we were having here in LA,but thank "GD" we are formally in spring again!
I just love this season's perfect weather.The flowers are blooming everywhere with all this amazing colors nature has to offer. It is  the perfect time to enjoy hikes in nature,or even just simple walks to try to avoid using the car. It is also the time to start  doing some cleansing,lighten up with the food that we normally eat, which means less animal foods and more vegetables grains and some fish. We're getting ourselves ready now for the summer, the time when we really need to keep it light because of the heat. Since I just  got over  with the Passover holiday a short time ago, it reminded me once again to free myself-to free my body and soul from all the unnecessary burdens that do not serve me anymore. Therefore, that is another good reason to do the cleansing. If it is too hard for some of us to start cold turkey with just juicing ,at least we need to try cutting out on some of the animal foods, white flour and  sugar we consume. 
The reason I chose to post the lasagna was because during the time of Passover we were not allowed to eat any flour for 8 days and my kids really craved some Pasta. So... I decided to prepare for them lasagna but in a more healthier version without the cheese and with some good veggies inside.

1 package of gluten free rice lasagna oven ready(De Boles)or any other gluten free
3 leaves of dinosaur kale chopped small
1 bunch of broccoli florets chopped small
1 jar organic marinara sauce
I package organic tofu(mashed with a fork)
1/2 package Daiya mozzarella shreds, dairy, soy and gluten free. I really like this one cause it melts real good and it doesn't have an after taste (make sure to leave some for the top portion)
Preheat oven to 400 before you start.
Place the lasagna pieces in a large glass or ceramic pan. Mix all the other ingredients together and pour half of the mixture on the first layer of the lasagna. Then place the second layer and pour the rest of the mixture. The last part is to spread some of the cheese you left aside on the top. Bake it in the oven for 30-40 minutes.

Love & Spices

Sunday, October 23, 2011


There couldn't be any better way then this to finalized a whole intense month of wonderful High holidays.
I'm not the kind of person that is normally looking for trips suggested from magazine,however it is the second time around that I do and every time I'm amazed again. I found it in one of the local Israeli's magazine "We are in America", where one of the writers who is fond of nature hikes, recommends people of good places to travel.
I lived in Los Angeles for way to many years and I never even thought this place exists here, especially when it's within 30 minutes drive from where I live. So I am very thankful for finding this magical place that's called Eaton Canyon Park & Center in Pasadena. For those of you who like me have never heard of it before, you should definitely schedule a visit there in your next free day. It is a great hike for family's or alone and you can bring your dog with you as well. We happened to have amazing weather today but I'm sure it is really nice there after the rain as well. As a matter of fact I was thinking I should try to check it out once as well. We packed a light back pack with sandwiches,snacks and bottles of water,and also towel,water shoes, and extra socks if your planning on getting really wet.
The best reward for me as were hiking back was my son telling me "mom you know I love nature It's beautiful". That is why I thank GD for letting us have all this beauty to enjoy.

Monday, October 10, 2011


I wanted to start by talking a little about raw honey. When it comes in it's natural form unheated and unprocessed,it contains all the vitamins and enzymes within. Raw honey is considered to be an alkaline forming food which is great for our digestive system. Containing the enzyme amylase it helps predigest starchy food like bread. There are many other great benefits to the honey.
When mixed with lemon and ginger, honey is a great remedy to relieve nausea,supply energy and also great to relieve symptoms such as sore throat,colds,hoarseness and others. Next time you feel like baking cookies or a cake try to experiment with substituting the sugar with honey.
Since there are still quite  a few High Holidays ahead of us, and were trying to keep it as sweet  as we can,yet healthy as possible,this cake is a moist and delicious alternative to your traditional holiday cakes. I changed  the original recipe I found to an organic whole wheat flour version and it works perfect for the holidays because I use honey instead of sugar.
You can use it with walnuts or without and also you can add raisins to it. I make it allot of times plain and it's just wonderful especially with a nice warm tea.

11/2 Cup of organic whole wheat flour
1/2 Tsp salt
1/2 Cup Honey (if you have access to raw honey even better)
1 Tsp baking soda
1 Cup pumpkin pure (available organic)
1/2 Cup olive oil
2 Eggs beaten
1/4 Cup water
11/2 Tsp mixed spices nutmeg clove cinnamon
1/2 Cup walnuts or raisins optional

Preheat oven to 350. Mix all the dry ingredients together.Mix the oil,pumpkin,eggs, water and honey.Slowly add the dry mix till you get a creamy texture.Pour the mixture in pans and bake for 50-55 minuted and check with toothpick if it comes out clean. 


Sunday, October 2, 2011


This fish has so many versions to it from different cultures and each one of them claims the title for the originality. This is the way I prepare it and it seemed to be pretty popular between the kids as well. Again I prefer to use a fish that has no hormones or  color added to it.
I normally use the Salmon although it goes well with White fish and even Trout.

6 pieces of fish
4 Dry chilly red pepper (you can use small spicy chillies as well if you like it real spicy)
5 Garlic cloves peeled
1/2 Bunch fresh cilantro cut small
1/3 cup olive oil
1/2 Tsp cumin
1/2 Tsp turmeric
1 Tbs paprika
Salt to taste
1/2 Cup water

Place the chillies in a deep pan. Arrange the pieces of fish on top and spread the garlic and cilantro all over the fish. In a small bowl whisk all the spices together with the oil until you get a creamy texture and  pour it over the fish. Turn the stove on high and the minute it start to sizzle pour the water on top and let it simmer on low for about 20 minutes or so covered. If by any chance it turn out to be running with liquid take out the lid and let it cook open till the water evaporates a little. You should have sauce but not flowing with liquid.

With blessings of  HAPPY NEW YEAR
Love & Spices

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I like to include often some fish into my diet for a source of protein and Omega oil.
Like with other animal protein,I try to buy mine wild or the ones  that were not treated with antibiotic and added colors. 
Since we are getting real close to the Jewish High Holidays and especially to "Rosh Hashana", one of the tradition is to bless on the head of the fish,which symbolize for us that we should always be thinking and moving from our head and not be the tail.  I decided to share a couple recipes.You can always throw in a head from a small fish to the cooking just for the symbol. By no means you are obligated to eat it,therefore if you are going to cook my recipe which is made out of Salmon you do not have to cook it's head in it.

6 Thin slices fillet of  wild salmon
2 Tbs Olive oil
3 Tbs Tamari sauce ( gluten free)
2 Tbs flat Dijon mustard
1/2 Squeezed lemon juice
1 Tsp dry oregano
1 Tsp dry ginger or fresh grind down
1 Garlic cloves minced
1Tbs black sesame seeds

Put all the ingredients in a glass pan. whisk them until you get an even texture. Place the pieces of fish in the tray and turn them from both side, so they will absorb sauce . Let it marinated in the fridge covered for few hours . Once you are ready to bake , turn the oven on 300 and place the tray inside covered for about 15 minute,the last 5 minutes cook it uncovered to give it a glaze. Serve it with sauce on top.

Love & Spices

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Who doesn't love crackers?

As healthy as you can be and I try to keep it for the most part. Once in a while I love to dip some crackers with my Tahini sauce, Hummus dip or even with Guacamole.
So I was thinking about it and an idea came to my mind.
Why don't I make my own version for crackers, so at list I know what they will have inside.
I took the LAVASH bread as so it's called. It is this huge flat bread or what looks like a gigantic pita.
I bought the one that is made from rye flour and has no sugar in it.
I brushed each big peace with olive oil,spread on sesame seeds (again one of my favorite things as you have noticed by now) also organic sea kelp delight seasoning which added a tasty flavor to all and is great for low sodium diets.
After that I used the pizza cuter to cut small pieces out of it.Placed all of it in a tray with parchment paper ,and put it in the oven on 300 for about 10 minutes or so.You need to remove it when it turn crispy yet not brown.
I was surprised that my kids were asking:Mom where did you get does crackers from?

So here you go guys, crackers that don't come from a box with plenty of preservative and added sugars.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I wanted to share with you guys the fun experience I have had this Sunday all the way in the city of Oxnard. There was a big Salsa Festival open to the public with lots of colorful vending booth selling anything from hats, jewelry, cloths, big ceramic pots and lots of food and salsa. My main interest was the live music.I have been a big fan of Cuban salsa music for years, and few time in the past I was lucky enough to watch some of my favorites like Eddie Palmieri,Tito Puente, Poncho Sanchez and such. So when our good friends who are big salsa lovers as well told us that there is a festival we jumped right away on the idea.The morning started gloomy and humid with a little drizzle, so at one point we gave up on the idea of driving there.But then I was thinking how often do you get to listen to live music you adore plus it was free to the public. Music is the one thing that connects people together no mater what background there coming from, or what is there religion or faith.The other thing about music is the healing  effect it has on people. Once you pass the barrier of control issues and surrender yourself  to the rhythm, you can feel it vibrating within you and healing can occur. It can help you release lots of  tension, anger and surround you with joy and happiness. I loved watching couples dancing,there were  young ones mixed with older ones,yet you couldn't tell the difference as far as the connection with the music. After awhile we decided to walk around through the boots to check things out. The most crowded ones were the ones with the salsa tasting. As I mentioned before my love to salsa music, I also enjoy to eat salsa with chips. Although there were many different kinds some more spicy then other, I love the home made ones. Especially now that my tomatoes in the garden are in full bloom and I get to pick them out everyday. I am going to give you my version of fresh salsa.

5 Roma tomatoes
1/2 red onion
1 bunch cilantro
1 green jalapeno ( if you like it hot add more)
Salt to taste
1/2 Tsp  apple cider vinegar
2 Tbls squeeze of fresh lemon
1 Tsp olive oil 

Chop the tomato small put it in a deep bowl. Then  and the onion, jalapeno and cilantro chopped  real fine. Add the salt, vinegar ,oil and lemon and mix it all . Serve with chips and guacamole.My favorite ones are Super Seeded Tortilla Chips with organic flax,Chia an hemp seeds. Usually when I make it at home the kids devour everything. It's great for summertime to snack .

Love & Spices

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Fennel is one of those great root vegetables that when  cooked in a certain way they change there flavor completely. It can be added to so many dishes and every time it's a surprise.
One of the favorite  dishes in my house is this one. I guess because it has a sweet flavor to it, even the kids go crazy over it.
Some of the healthy benefits of fennel are:
It is reach in iron ,anti acid and extremely helpful for indigestion.
Mothers uses the fennel powder to sooth baby's stomach aches due to inflammation,and some people also chew fennel seeds after food  to facilitate digestion and for bad breath.
The other advantage is that once you add a sweet vegetable to your meal you have less chances for craving processed sugar,

                                                                     SWEET FENNEL

2 Bulb of fennel sliced small
5-6 peeled garlic cloves
2Tbs fresh thyme
Salt to taste
Fresh ground pepper to taste
2 Tbs olive oil
1/2 lemon squeezed
Place the fennel garlic and most of the thyme in a glass tray,pour all the sauce ingredients and  mix it well until all is absorb.
Place it in the oven at 350 between 15-20 minutes.
When done it should have a lite brown color to it.
It is so good that you will finish it while it's still warm.

Enjoy your summer with salads!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011


The famous ancient Middle East dip that is popular in almost every house, and you don't need to be from the Middle East to love it. It is popular all over the world. It is a great source of protein especially if you're a vegetarian or vegan. You can use it as a snack, side dish, and a main course or just for fun. The reason why I decided to post my recipe is, cause I know to many people that just buy the ready-made one from the store. Either cause they don't know how to make it, or cause they simply think it's to complicated to prepare at home. I really don't recommend the ready made ones. Because most of them are loaded with preservative and added flavors, it allows you to keep it in your refrigerator for even a month believe it or not, and it still might be fresh. When you make the fresh one it last normally between 4-5 days .So how can a food stay for such a long time naturally? It simply can’t. You have to add all kind of preservative to give it a shelf life. The question you need to ask yourself is  do you want to eat preservative in flavor of Humus or just fresh humus.
So really guys it is not so hard, and after you will try it you wont be able to eat something else.

1/2-Package dry garbanzo beans (soaked in water over night to help with the digestion of the bean and to avoid gas) 
3 - 4 Garlic cloves (depends if your a garlic lover)
1 /4  Cup Tahini paste
1 -1 1/2 Juice of lemon
1-Cup water (plus minus)
Salt to taste.

After you soaked to garbanzo for the night, you put it in a pan covered with water and salt. Give it a quick boil and the let it simmer for about an hour or more. When you try the bean and it is really soft, you can turn the stove and let it seat to cool down in the water, don’t throw  away the water we are using them for  the deep. Then in the food processor you put the drain garbanzo the garlic, the lemon,tahini and a little from the water of the pot. (Don't pour all the water right away it needs to have a creamy consistency and not to be to watery). Let it process for few minuted, stop to correct taste and add more water if needed. Again it needs to have a creamy texture to it but not to heavy, because it hardens up ounce it is in the refrigerator. Once it is ready and you want to serve it you just put it in a bowl. The traditional way is to pour on it olive oil and decorate it with pine nuts and paprika,and sometimes also with some of the cooked garbanzo beans whole.
There are lots of things you can do with it once it's ready. Couple example:
You can add black-pitted olives.
You can do one with parsley and cilantro.
You can do one with Spicy paprika.
It is really up to your imagination.
Just as long as you keep it healthy and fresh.

                                                    Love & Spices