Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I wanted to share with you guys the fun experience I have had this Sunday all the way in the city of Oxnard. There was a big Salsa Festival open to the public with lots of colorful vending booth selling anything from hats, jewelry, cloths, big ceramic pots and lots of food and salsa. My main interest was the live music.I have been a big fan of Cuban salsa music for years, and few time in the past I was lucky enough to watch some of my favorites like Eddie Palmieri,Tito Puente, Poncho Sanchez and such. So when our good friends who are big salsa lovers as well told us that there is a festival we jumped right away on the idea.The morning started gloomy and humid with a little drizzle, so at one point we gave up on the idea of driving there.But then I was thinking how often do you get to listen to live music you adore plus it was free to the public. Music is the one thing that connects people together no mater what background there coming from, or what is there religion or faith.The other thing about music is the healing  effect it has on people. Once you pass the barrier of control issues and surrender yourself  to the rhythm, you can feel it vibrating within you and healing can occur. It can help you release lots of  tension, anger and surround you with joy and happiness. I loved watching couples dancing,there were  young ones mixed with older ones,yet you couldn't tell the difference as far as the connection with the music. After awhile we decided to walk around through the boots to check things out. The most crowded ones were the ones with the salsa tasting. As I mentioned before my love to salsa music, I also enjoy to eat salsa with chips. Although there were many different kinds some more spicy then other, I love the home made ones. Especially now that my tomatoes in the garden are in full bloom and I get to pick them out everyday. I am going to give you my version of fresh salsa.

5 Roma tomatoes
1/2 red onion
1 bunch cilantro
1 green jalapeno ( if you like it hot add more)
Salt to taste
1/2 Tsp  apple cider vinegar
2 Tbls squeeze of fresh lemon
1 Tsp olive oil 

Chop the tomato small put it in a deep bowl. Then  and the onion, jalapeno and cilantro chopped  real fine. Add the salt, vinegar ,oil and lemon and mix it all . Serve with chips and guacamole.My favorite ones are Super Seeded Tortilla Chips with organic flax,Chia an hemp seeds. Usually when I make it at home the kids devour everything. It's great for summertime to snack .

Love & Spices

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